Neutral Leaf Playmat
Neutral Leaf Playmat

Neutral Leaf Playmat

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A baby playmat is by far one of the most useful purchases you'll make for you bubba. Babies spend a lot of their early months on their back exploring and later when they learn how to roll having a soft and comfortable surface for them to reach, grab and interact with their toys is perfect!

A playmat is ideal for nurseries, lounge rooms and overall play time. Measuring approximately 1m in diameter they are lightweight and easy to move around the home. Soft and cushioned with foam and a quilted backing for extra comfort for your little one. The Neutral leaf playmat comes with a beautiful white fringed edge to compliment it and create the perfect backdrop for many beautiful milestone pictures! 

Washing & Care instructions: Gentle hand wash and warm iron. 

Limited stock and prints are subject to change, so get in fast!